We are a service and logistics development company for Foreign Trade Operations. The success of our management is based on our ability to think and solve problems. Our leadership lies in our ability to anticipate problems and exceed the expectations of our Customers.

DOMINGUEZ & CAMPAN S.R.L . is the new name of the formerly company PATAGONIA COMERCIO EXTERIOR S.R.L. with offices in Puerto Madryn and correspondents in the main Customs offices of the country. It was founded in 1990 by its current partners, who since the implementation of the Reimbursements for the Promotion of Patagonian Ports (Reembolsos para la Promoción de Puertos Patagónicos) in 1981, are linked to the foreign trade of the Patagonian Region.

The unusual growth of the ports of the region allowed to place the Puerto Madryn port as the second largest cargo in our country. In the Nineties this was a new challenge, the development of communications, multimodal transport, the computerization of both, public and private administrative systems and the trade globalization required that customs procedures be resolved in urgent terms.

DOMINGUEZ & CAMPAN S.R.L. faced the challenge. And this is how since 1990 we have been favored with the main exporting and importing companies that trusted in us by putting their numerous interests in our hands. Their trust in our expertise and good repute for the correct approach of the corresponding solutions. The people we integrate DOMINGUEZ & CAMPAN S.R.L., with more than twenty years of experience and performance in the area, we strive to provide a personalized, diligent and active service. The company is aware that this business involves risks for the clients, the success of our management depends on the trust generated by our high performance.

The commitment with our clients is also reflected in the society in which we are inserted and that is why the company partners have actively participated in different society areas. Such as the case of Leonardo Domínguez, the company's customs broker, was former president of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Production of Puerto Madryn city for two periods, was former member of the Board of Directors of the port of Puerto Madryn and former president of the Federación Empresarial del Chubut (FECH). Also he was former subsecretary of Economic Development of the Government of the Province of Chubut.


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