From Puerto Madryn to the whole world we offer:

  • Import/export customs offices.
  • Legal and technical advice.
  • Merchandise handling in transit.
  • Hiring pre-shipment inspections.
  • Procedures before organizations (Public Health, SENASA, ANMAT)
  • Management before the registry of importers/exporters.

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Integral Service of import and export operators. We manage and advise our clients to securely and reliably handle international merchandise management.

DOMINGUEZ & CAMPAN S.R.L. has its offices in Puerto Madryn city and correspondents in the main Argentinian Customs. Was founded in 1990 by its current partners who are linked since 1981 with the foreign trade of the Patagonian region.

The activity of our firm focuses on the layout, organization, monitoring and quality of its foreign trade operations.

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